Refund Policy

PLC Refund Policy  (Updated February 2017)


All refunds are subject to a $50 non-refundable administrative fee for all withdrawals regardless of the date of your withdrawal.  

Spring Registration Refund Schedule:


Before November 30th
Non-medical Full Refund*
Medical Full Refund*

After November 30th

Non-medical No Refund
Medical Partial  Refund, subject to Board approval*
* Less $50 non-refundable admin fee


Refund Request Procedure:


Immediately contact the PLC Treasurer with the following information:

   Today's Date:

   Player's name:

   Grade / Age Division:

   PLC Team (if known):

   Reason for withdrawal:


All medical refund requests after November 30th are subject to PLC Board approval. For medical refund requests after November 30th, a partial medical refund or credit after November 30th may be granted under certain circumstances; supporting physician documentation must be presented to the PLC Board with your refund request. In select cases non-medical refund requests after November 30th may be considered (less the $50 admin fee) if there is a waitlisted player able to replace the player seeking refund.  All decisions by the PLC Board are final.  Club contact information is available on the PLC website under the Contacts link.




In the event of something unforeseen (like a global pandemic) that causes the season to be cancelled or ended early, the board will do their best to allow for some amount of refund. This will be done after review and approval of the board.